4 Essential Modules Your Transportation Management System Must Have

Businesses in the transport system question whether they need ERP software to simplify their day-to-day engagements. The truth is these ERP systems, like transportation management systems, are necessary for the efficient management of businesses today. With the technology market offering different solutions to challenges experienced by transportation businesses, logistics, and transportation technology have managed to wow many companies over the years. When planning to purchase a shipping business, here are some necessary modules.

Transportation Module

By far, it is the essential module that your TMS should have. It seeks to serve one function, streamlining the supply chain to make it efficient. After ascertaining its presence in the system, you want to purchase, check out whether it has features like route optimization, which will help study maps and optimize the suitable routes for your planning. Multi-modal transportation is also ideal when some of your clients are 3PL and 4PL. Other essential features include fleet capacity management, performance monitoring, customer care and service, freight tracking, and carrier management.

Effective Order Management Module

How do you arrange your data from placement to fulfillment? Your data recording and storage system should allow for an easy follow-up from when an order was placed, its progress on transit, and ultimately the placement. A good TMS should have this module to easily coordinate data from inventories, fulfillment systems, and vendor details for effective deliveries. A great order management module must have the optimal routing plans, integrate data delivery, and synchronize the customer demands with the delivery process for better customer satisfaction and improved loyalty to your business.

Freight Management Module

You need a freight management module if your logistics operation is a success. Poor freight management has been the leading cause of freight business failures worldwide. Your TMS should have a freight management module with the following features.

  • Estimating freight charges will give you the insights necessary for financial planning. The estimates should also vary based on orders running through your business.
  • A seamless system for storage and management of invoice disputes if there is any need for future references to help you tell your case.
  • A self-invoicing feature that allows the different unique carriers to self-invoice and saves your staff the time they would have wasted on that.
  • Manufacturing module

The manufacturing model is another helpful model your TMS must-have. The features include inventory control and management, asset management, and operations management. While inventory helps with warehouse storage issues, operations management works on improving the delivery of shipments to their pick-up locations. Lastly, the asset management feature deals with optimizing costs and TCO.

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