A Basic Overview Of Dedusting Systems

Associated with granulators and similar equipment, dedusting basically refers to removal of fine impurities that can impact production quality, when materials like powders, pellets and granules are used. Impurities are removed using special dedusting systems, to keep up the production process. Here’s more worth knowing about dedusting systems.

Benefits at a glance

There are several known benefits of dedusting systems. First and foremost, it helps in decreasing the rejection rate. It also helps in enhancing the production, which we mentioned earlier. Using the right system can also improve the efficiency of systems meant for handling such materials, such as pneumatic conveying systems. Dedusting is also critical for maintaining the quality of the end product. Simply put, dedusting can be defined as an industrial cleaning process, often using pneumatic systems, where air or vacuum is used to get rid of unwanted impurities. From dust and contaminants of other kinds, like granules and pellets, to regrind, solids, and waste, everything can be removed using dedusting.

Things to know

You may know that pneumatic conveying systems are enclosed, so very little dust is released into the air. However, this dust can get attached to the primarily material itself. Using certain granular materials also means finding other impurities during the early steps of processing. These impurities can impact the production process significantly. It should be noted, however, dust extraction is not same as dedusting. While dust extraction is used in certain industries, it is typically on a much smaller scale. On the other hand, dedusting is more comprehensive, and it is possible to get comprehensive and extremely customized solutions, for various manufacturing and production needs.

Which industries need dedusting?

In the plastic industry, dedusting is often used for regrind and to clean pellets, while in the waste management business, this could be used for filter cleaning. Dedusting also finds use in the pharmaceutical industry, for cleaning end products like pills and capsules, and in the food and paper industry, it can be used to clean final products. Dedusting is also essential for timber and mining industries.

As you may have guessed by now, dedusting is critical and important for varied industries, and businesses can get considerable help for various production issues, which may occur due to presence of impurities in their equipment. Please check online for companies that can help in selecting and installing dedusting systems, and everything can be worked out according to the scale of the business.

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