A Quick Review Of Dough Extruding Machines!

Bakery products require varied machines and equipment for different stages of production. For the unversed, dough extruding is the process of forcing dough through die plates, which helps in getting uniform bakery products. Wire cutting, which is a part of the process, also makes it to make products that have inclusions. It is easy to get the edges right, and dough extruders are particularly useful for making products, such as biscuits, cookies, doughnuts and cakes. If yours is a company that deals in chocolate, bakery or other food products that rely on dough usage, you definitely need dough extruders as a part of your equipment setup.

More about extruding

Today, dough extruder is used for varied depositing needs. You can find machines that have a single head, so can be used for single deposits, while double head dough extruders are used for sequencing, which is common for bakery products. Innovation is further enhanced to the next level with triple-head dough extruders, which allow bakeries and commercial manufacturers, to come up with unique products, with diverse fillings. Extruding allows products to have a similar look, so each batch can be customized to meet production needs. The edges, look, and taste of bakery products are not compromised.

Buying extruders

There are all kinds of extruders in the market, including ones that are best used for making confectionary, and others that can be used for doughs. There are ready dough extruding machines that one can choose, while many manufacturers can also offer custom solutions, depending on production needs. If you are looking for new dough extruding machines, we recommend that you check if the machine can handle masses with various viscosities and temperatures. You need to check if the product is meant for extensive commercial use, and ask the manufacturers to offer a detailed demo of their products and equipment, so that you can make an informed decision. Getting estimates is obviously important, but you have to be a tad more cautious about what a particular dough extruding machine can do for your brand’s production needs, and if that means paying a tad more, that is definitely worth it.

The manufacturer’s support and assistance are other aspects to consider when it comes to dough extruding machines, and check more about their aftersales assistance. If needed, get references of their clients, and check the range of other products that they specialize in, such as enrobers and tempering machines.

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