Art For Sale: Worldwide Estate Auction of Fine Art and Decorative Arts by Rtistiq

Rtistiq is an online art gallery that specializes in fine art and decorative arts from around the world. We offer unique pieces for sale, which are available to purchase through our Art For Sale section. Our Art For Sale page features a wide range of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other collectibles from renowned artists all over the globe.

We have Art For Sale by established masters like Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh and newly discovered contemporary artists such as George Duchamp-Kahn who was recently featured in ArtForum magazine. We also have Art For Sale by lesser-known but equally talented craftsmen like Paul Le Roux, a self-taught artist with no formal training whatsoever.

Featured artworks by Rtistiq:

  • Got an egg by Sugiri Willim: This Art For Sale piece by Sugiri Willim is a large-scale painting in acrylic on canvas, depicting an anthropomorphic egg in vibrant colors. The Artwork is currently available for purchase through the Art For Sale section of our website.
  • Earnestly Melodies by Tran Tuan: This Art For Sale piece by Tran Tuan is a series of paintings depicting intense abstractions.
  • Dancing Elephant by Renaldi Syam: This art for sale piece by Renaldi Syam is a series of paintings done in acrylic on canvas.
  • Orchard by Cheksant Gangakate: Art by Cheksant Gangakate is a watercolor and ink painting on paper.
  • Breathless by Ruvali Mutha: Art For Sale by Ruvali Mutha is an abstract oil painting.

Categories of art available on Rtistiq in Singapore:

  1. Abstract Painting: Art in this category is generally characterized by the absence of recognizable forms. Artwork can be made with any medium. However, oils and acrylics are most commonly used for Art for Sale pieces.
  1. Contemporary Painting: These paintings are generally characterized from Art For Sale pieces done by the Abstract Painting genre, yet with themes and styles that are more recognizable than Artwork.
  1. Landscape Painting: Art in this category is generally characterized by the portrayal of landscapes and nature scenes with little to no human presence for Art For Sale pieces.
  1. Drawing: These pieces are done using a continuous tone or lines. Artwork in this category is generally characterized by Art For Sale pieces done on sheets of paper with pencil, ink, or pen.
  1. Figurative Painting
  1. Religious Painting
  1. Sculpture

We hope you will enjoy our Art For Sale at Rtistiq. Do visit our website for more!

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