Authenticity vs. The Algorithm: Why Money Can’t Buy Customers

With the fast increase in social media advertising, many users have become resistant to ads that show up on their feed. What use to be a “pay-to-play” strategy for brands across multiple industries many companies are now having to figure out the most effective way to connect to a potential customer.

Why Does Brand Awareness Matter?

Brand awareness is essential for the success of any organization. When people can recognize a company’s name, brand, and logo, they can more easily make a connection. When consumers make that connection they are more likely to look for brands that are recognizable for their needed product or service. In fact, brand awareness has the ability to increase conversion rates several times over. That being said, it takes time for a brand to solidify as a recognizable brand.

In the early 2010s, businesses recognized the power of social media platforms to increase sales and create brand awareness. Initially, the cost and demand for these advertisements were relatively low but by 2018, the cost increased by 122%. With this in mind, social media marketing quickly shifted to focus on the authenticity of content rather than the amount of content being displayed. In addition, the cost of acquiring a customer has dramatically increased and has made modern social media advertising inconsistent. However, by focusing on authenticity and better content businesses can continue to attract target customers.

Creating Authentic Marketing Campaigns

Here are a few ways to help create genuine marketing campaigns. Firstly, consider featuring subject-matter experts. Utilizing experts can help create trust and increase reputation and in turn, can help humanize your brand and build better connections to your product or services. You can also choose to use customers to highlight their experiences with your brand. This method will also help create a personal connection and build trust.

If you are interested in learning more about how to create authentic content, check out the accompanying guide below.

Infographic created by Beantown Media Ventures , a digital public relations company

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