Benefits of using Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

Diesel oxidation catalystsare a type of diesel exhaust after-treatment device. They use a combination of chemical reactions to reduce the level of pollutants in the exhaust gases from diesel engines by oxidizing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into the water, carbon dioxide, and other compounds.

This blog post will explore a few benefits that these devices can offer you as an owner or operator of a fleet vehicle.

Benefits of using diesel oxidation catalysts:

A common complaint from drivers is the amount of noise in a vehicle cabin. Most create an almost unbearable din that can be distracting and irritating to drive around with constantly.

In addition, there are other benefits beyond just quieting your cabins,such as increased fuel efficiency leading to lower operating costs for you and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Some other benefits include:

-A longer engine life due to less damage from the increased heat and pressure of combustion byproducts

-Increased horsepower because there is no need for an inefficient catalytic converter as well as reduced back pressure on the engine, which allows it to run more efficiently

-Reduced risk of engine damage due to clogged fuel injectors

-Reduced strain on air intake system, including the turbocharger, which leads to a longer life for those components

-Increased torque throughout all RPMs as the diesel oxidation catalyst allows more oxygen into your engine and allows it to burn cleaner resulting in less harmful emissions, increased power, and increased fuel efficiency.

-Better drivability as the diesel oxidation catalyst reduces hesitation upon acceleration and speeds up startups in cold weather by reducing combustion byproducts that contribute to sluggish engine performance.

-Less wear on your transmission system because there is less strain put onto it from back pressure created by a clogged exhaust due to the lack of an efficient catalytic converter.

-Reduced risk of expensive repairs to your exhaust system due to lower levels of harmful emissions. It also significantly increases the life expectancy of a vehicle’s catalytic converter, which is usually the first component that fails when there are performance issues with an engine.

-Improved acceleration and fuel economy because these devices remove pollutants from the diesel oxidation catalyst before they make it into your combustion chamber, resulting in less strain put onto those components as well as improved power, torque, and efficiency.


In conclusion, diesel oxidation catalysts are a great choice for your fleet vehicle and all of the benefits that they can provide. Most importantly, these devices will improve the life expectancy on key components in your engine, such as the exhaust system, meaning less money spent fixing problems down the road.

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