Designing a Trade show booth in a class of its own


In having successful outing at a tradeshow, the importance of setting up a trade show booth that is captivating and at the same time quite original cannot be undermined. It is the very first thing a customer sees when they take a cursory glance at all the booths, to scan the area and ascertain which trade show exhibit has appealed to them, and where they would like to be spending a chunk of their time.

For this reason, you cannot but put up something worthwhile if you truly wish to drive traffic towards your end, and this can only be done with a great deal of innovativeness and skill. You may think that you require an hefty budget to pull this off, but you really do not.

Trade exhibitions are an excellent method to improve brand awareness and sell your service or product to potential buyers. The key to any successful trade show booth is to build an economically efficient, eye-catching booth. Matter of fact, creating a concept for your booth does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. You just need to follow a few easy best practices and methods to ensure that your booth is exciting and appealing to prospects at your conference.

However, in this article, we will be discussing cost effective and creative things to try when you’re building laying out a design for your booth whether it is a 10 × 20 dimension for the tradeshowbooth or you wish to take it up a notch by creating 20 20 exhibits.

Try as much as possible to ensure its engaging

Passive activities, such as viewing a video screen, will not be as efficient at attracting visitors as interactive components. Attendees like taking part in trade show activities where they have a chance to win a gift. Having visitors spend much more time at your exhibit means that your reps will have more opportunity to connect with prospective clients. In order to get visitors participating with your information, use touch screen technology, offer giveaways, or showcase product demonstrations in which they may participate.

Create a Screen

Your booth should be appealing to your visitors. With the size of the booth you are looking to employ, you may put two or three screens. Communicate images, display information with quite a lot of animation about your goods or services on the displays. By so doing, you give your visitors a visually compelling picture of your business and keep them engaged.

To bring additional color to the environment, you may consider adding a bit of dynamism to the display by  making it more interactive; you could do this by incorporating touchscreen technology, or adding sound effects to each touch of the screen.

What Booth Size Do You Require?

The size of the trade show booth is the another design component to consider. The display proportions should allow for maximum use of the rental area while yet allowing guests to roam around freely. The booth layout should allow for an educated, courteous staff to connect with visitors while they browse the trade show display.

Most exhibitors begin with a 10×10 booth design; bigger firms and more complicated items may need a larger booth and create a 20×20 trade show booth. It is worth mentioning that  employing modular components may require that you add or remove booth components as considered necessary.

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