Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) solution: The ideal disinfectant for People, Places, Plants and Pets

Of late, there has been significant attention paid to making our environment safe, especially from a variety of viruses, bacteria, and airborne illnesses. More specifically, the priority is to make people and places safe, and protect plants and pets from harm, so everyone can get back to resuming “normal business”. Scientists and healthcare professionals have a staunch ally – hypochlorous acid solution or HOCL– to accomplish those objectives.

Unleashing HOCL’s Potential

To date, business owners have largely been fixated on the idea that powerful chemical-based products, such as Bleach (NaClO) or Chlorine (Cl2), make the most effective “germ busters”.  However, practical constraints with people, places, plants, and pets, often make using those chemical-heavy sanitizers and disinfectants a challenge:

  • People are usually susceptible to harsh chemicals, with many individuals suffering skin burns, eye irritations and allergic reactions
  • The use of heavy-duty chemicals, however, may kill or harm most pets, and even cause breathing difficulty for humans. Now, thanks to innovative technology, you can make hypochlorous acid at home or anywhere within your business, that’s completely safe for pets, plants, and people
  • When it comes to applying disinfectants to some surfaces, that humans or pets frequently come into contact, most chemical-laden formulas require an after-application rinse, or mandate non-use of those surfaces until a specified time has elapsed.  With HOCL, there’s no such lead-time involved

These are just a few sanitization and disinfecting challenges that hypochlorous acid solution addresses. It’s why HOCL makes a logical part of any businesses’ enhanced disinfection and cleansing protocol. Not only is it easy to produce, but it is also more effective than many commercially-available chemical-based disinfectants.

Making HOCL On-Premise

The thing about HOCL is that it isn’t a “new invention”. In fact, our bodies produce it naturally, to fight infection and disease. Today, thanks to revolutionary technology, that capability – of naturally-produced HOCL – is now accessible for wider-scale residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

You can now make hypochlorous acid using HOCL makers that are as small as a kettle or coffee maker, or larger units that can be installed in small spaces in kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, gyms, community centers, warehouses, or food processing installations. The HOCL produced by these units, uses just salt, water, and electricity to produce one of the most powerful disinfectant and sanitizer.

Any place where there might be people, pets, or plants, is a place where HOCL can be produced using these devices. And credible research supports the fact that that the hypochlorous acid solution produced on-premises is food safe – it is highly efficient for ensuring microbial counts remain lower than typical infectious levels on food and contact surfaces.

Making Sense of it All

In summary, HOCL is safe and effective to use for a wide variety of application, and does not pose a threat to people, pets, plants, and produce – unlike many of its chemical-formulated counterparts. Best of all, with today’s HOCL makers, anyone can make hypochlorous acid in unlimited quantities at home or anywhere.

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