Hypochlorous Acid Solution: The oldest disinfectant that’s still powerful!

Knowingly or unknowingly, nearly 8-billion people depend on hypochlorous acid solution – that’s the entire population of the world! So, how can everyone in the world depend on a powerful sterilizer? Well, that’s because HOCL (that’s the molecular formula) resides in every human being, and without it we would all die. Since it has been around so long, it’s no wonder that it now is the world’s leading disinfectant.

Living With HOCL

HOCL is a common disinfectant used across homes and businesses around the world today. It’s used to sanitize and cleanse surfaces and environments in every industry, including:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Cruise liners
  • Laundries
  • Hospitals, clinics, and senior-care homes
  • Laboratories, and other health care facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Gymnasiums
  • Schools
  • Homes and residences
  • …and more

Although enhanced and perfected in labs and modern manufacturing plants today, hypochlorous acid sanitizer isn’t just something we recently discovered. It’s been around for millions of years – ever since life began. Every living human has HOCL inside his or her bodies. It’s the substance our bodies use to produce white blood cells.

And what’s one of the most critical tasks of white blood cells? They’re part of our immune system, and help us fight diseases and infections. As time passed, our knowledge of HOCL’s potential grew. And with that knowledge, our understanding of the alternative application of this magical disinfectant evolved.

The Science of Electrolysis

Scientists and engineers now mimic the disinfectant properties found in our bodies, to produce a powerful substance that’s also known as electrolyzed water. The process of electrolysis uses salt, water, and electricity to produce a green (environmentally friendly) cleansing agent called  hypochlorous acid solution.

The challenge with scientific processes, however, is that unless it’s “exact”, the benefits may be limited. It takes years of research to produce the highest quality electrolysis cells. Doing it right involves applying optimal formulas and settings of voltage, amperage, and flow rates to produce the highest quality solutions of HOCl.

And that requires an organization committed to extensive research and development, product safety, and meeting the highest levels of regulatory scrutiny. Whether it’s for food sanitation, sanitization in a health care environment, water disinfection or general sanitation, unless the products are safe to use, there’s a risk in applying it.

Safety First

The amazing thing about the HOCL machines and devices they produce today, is that they are built with safety in mind. And today, these devices are right-sized for any environment – be it a school, restaurant, bar or even a home. You won’t need massive amounts of industrial infrastructure to install and operate your system.

In fact, residential systems work anywhere that you can plug-in a toaster, electric kettle or coffee machine. They’re really that compact and convenient.

Leading manufacturers of electrolyzed water machines, that are used to produce hypochlorous acid sanitizer, invest heavily to ensure their technology is safe and effective. From hand-held foggers and electric kettle-sized systems, to systems installed onboard cruise ships and in hospitals, the technology is proven to produce HOCL at the optimal safe levels.

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