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The shape of a bolt is cylindrical that consists of a head with screw threads attached in the portion of its length. Nut is known as the female member of this pair. Bolts and Nuts are the most common and essential item required for any construction procedure and the basic element for any industry or factory. Metal through which these nuts and bolts are made include copper, brass, lead, stainless steel, fibre or Bakelite.

Types of nuts and bolts

  • Machine screw nuts and bolts.
  • Screw washers.
  • Tapping and cutting screws.
  • Anchor screws.
  • Self-drilling screws.
  • Socket cap screws.

Nowadays, there are some special types of bolts available in the market that include hexagonal bolt, heavy structural bolt, stud bolt, carriage bolt also known as mushroom head bolt, fish bolt also known as oval neck track bolt, and hexagonal flange bolt.

Nut bolt manufacturer company

The top-quality nut bolt manufacturer company provide a high-quality range of nuts and bolts from M3 to M24 screws varying in different diameters. The manufacturing of these screws is done in a high tensile bolts and fasteners that are of bigger diameter. Also, it must be included with HV grade hot dip, crash barrier, and spring washers.

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