Buying a forklift can be an expensive affair. Buying a Used forklift in Toronto can help to bring down the upfront costs drastically. But this is a decision that you should take with an eased mind as you need to be very cautious when buying a used forklift. There are various things that you would have to evaluate when looking at the piece of equipment. Paying attention to detail can help to bring down the costs of maintenance of the forklift drastically. We have listed down what you should consider and pay close attention to while buying a used forklift.

What is the age of the forklift?

Buying a used forklift is cheaper than buying a new one. When looking at a used forklift, make sure that it is at least five years old. This way, you would be able to save a significant amount of money. The forklifts which are less than five years old would cost almost as much as buying a new forklift.

What is the total number of hours that the forklift has been operated for?

While you evaluate the forklift, you need to pay close attention to both the key hours and the usage hours. Most of the models track both the information, which you can find on the dash. The key hours are tracked each time the forklift is turned on. But this also tracks the idle time, which might not give you the best knowledge about the equipment’s usage. During that idle time, the equipment was not used. Due to this straightforward reason, you should consider focusing more on the usage hours.

The usage hours are tracked based on actions and operations and may vary from one machine to another. For instance, in a standing model, an operator’s presence is calculated if the pedal is depressed. But in sit down models, the usage hours are tracked using the switch, which activates whenever the operator sits down. If you are focusing on hours, then you should opt for a forklift with part-time use. A part-time use for one year is about 1,040 hours. Forklift hours are like the milage of the car, and they indicate the wear and tear better. The lower the number of hours, the better it is.

What is the application history?

You should also gain knowledge about the extreme environments in which the forklift might have been used. If the forklift has been used near salt water, then it might increase the risk of corrosion. Freezing weather causes seals on hydraulics, and the engine becomes brittle. The too humid environment also increases the risk of corrosion.

What is the condition of the forklift?

Before purchasing, you should perform a thorough check of the equipment. In this process, make sure that you have a technician who could help carry out the inspection. Some of the major areas which need to be inspected are the forks, lift chains, safety elements, mast, tires, engine, and leaks.

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