Understanding the Top LLC Formation Services in the United States

Are you thinking of forming your very own business but don’t know what kind of business structure to choose? Are you thinking of sole-proprietorship? Or maybe a corporation with a board of directors? But these can be a hassle because they are not as flexible as you think, and they won’t necessarily protect you from any liability. If you want both, then an LLC is what you might be looking for. So if you’re planning on forming a private company, choose LLC because it has the benefits of both sole-proprietorship and partnership, and also a corporation.

Most private companies will hire the help of formation services to help them build their LLC from the ground up. One of the most popular is ZenBusiness because they are very affordable and make sure to provide the best services to their clients. You can check out the Zenbusiness reviewed on llcguys to see how amazing they are when it comes to forming your LLC.

The Cheapest Formation Service You Can Choose to Form Your LLC

If you’re looking for the best features for a very low and affordable price, then ZenBusiness is the best choice. Not only do they make sure to provide you with an excellent formation package, but they also make sure to offer it to you for a meager price. At $49 plus the state fee, you can already form your LLC. Their plans also usually come with 25% off of registered agent services for the first year. So if you want to save on some cash while ensuring that you get what you deserve, you can always check out ZenBusiness.

Some of the advantages of getting the formation services of ZenBusiness are that they have expansive features, cost less than other formation services, provide discounts for registered agent services, and their overwhelmingly outstanding reviews from real customers. Even though they are new to the industry, they already have all the experience needed to form your LLC. It doesn’t matter if they are new or not, as long as they make sure that their clients get the best deals when starting their business.

ZenBusiness Formation Packages Plus Customer Reviews

The first package that ZenBusiness has is the Starter Package, which only costs $49 plus the state fee. In this package, they will prepare and file your Articles of Organization with your State of Formation. They will also file your Annual Report with the State. Finally, they will supply a template that allows you to create a custom operating agreement easily.

The next package is the Pro, which costs $199 plus the state fee. This plan includes more features than the Starter Package, such as a worry-free compliance service, filing for EIN with the IRS on your behalf, and providing a template for your business to quickly pass a resolution to open a business bank account.

Finally, the last package of ZenBusiness is the Premium Package, which costs $299 plus state filing fees. This package includes everything from the previous packages plus hosting and creating a website for your company, filing for a business domain name, and providing you with a business email address.

Thousands of customer reviews can attest that ZenBusiness is a newly operated formation service, but they provide the best service at the same time. They have friendly customer service, and you can enjoy their very affordable starter package!

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