What Are The Different Types Of Forestry Winches

A winch is commonly used forestry equipment. It comes in manual and electric type. A winch consists of a chain that is coiled around a drum. With the turning of the drum, this chain gets lengthened or shortened. A winch is useful in moving cars, boats, cars, and other bulky loads.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the varying kinds of winches present on the market.

Hand Winches

A hand winch is a heavy-load device that is operated by hand. These devices are beneficial for arborists who require to perform work in wet locations and conditions. It has an automatic brake and high capacity that makes the device useful in small-scale and emergency forestry operations.

Payeur is one of the leading firms that provide best-in-quality forestry equipment and their spare parts in Quebec, Canada. Some of their most popularly sold products include electric and manual treuil, trailers, wood loaders, machinery, and forestry equipment.

Electric Winch

This is a preferred appliance that is preferred by arborists. It is ideal for those who work close to a power source. An electrical winch is less demanding. It enables one to completely focus on the job. With an electric winch, you can easily move the loads steadily. It is a beneficial device for displacing sharp or delicate objects.

This product comes with a lifting ability of 500kg. It also has a pulling capacity of 800kg. This makes it perfect for the movement of heavy objects like forest debris.

Three-Point Hitch Winch:

A winch can slide woods off the drawbar. It can enhance the skidding abilities of the tractor to a considerable extent. This task would not be possible without a winch. Furthermore, doing the task manually can put you at risk of residual stand damage.

When you use the winch, it enables the operator to snake woods between trees and keep the tractor nearer to the slipping trail. The cable of the winch is operated by the power take-off of the tractor. Ensure that the load is always associated with the middle of the tractor to prevent tipping the tractor on the side at the time of pulling it.


Winches come in varying types that offer different types of benefits to a user. Each winch is designed to perform a specific kind of work. A good understanding of the types of winches will help you find the right one for your work.

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