What Responsibilities would the Sustainability Development Consultants Undertake?

Do you wish to blend your interest in the environment with leadership and business? Rest assured sustainability consulting would be the job suited for you. Consultants en développement durable would assist your businesses and companies become environmentally and socially responsible in the way they operate. You would often require creating sustainable solutions for the conflicting requirements of the people. It would also be needed for maintaining the environment, successful business, and overall development.

Work would entail evaluating the effect a company has on the environment. It would be inclusive of their carbon footprint. It would also be required for reducing the effect of determining the use of restricted resources. You might be involved in most stages of a project ranging from planning, building, restoration, remediation, to reusing of property and land.

The types of work involved

The areas of work handled by a sustainable development consultant would be inclusive of –

  • Renovation, lettings, and residential development
  • Industrial facilities
  • Infrastructure of transport
  • Urban regeneration schemes
  • Off-shore and on-shore oil and gas, coastal and marine projects

What responsibilities does a sustainable development consultant undertake?

Being a sustainability development consultant, you would be required to work closely with clients to assist them in measuring and improving their overall sustainability performance.

It could be involved looking for –

  • Used materials and waste produced inclusive of noise and pollutants
  • Managing land, air, water, and energy
  • Evaluating the performance of the building for using energy – the amount of energy used, regulating temperature, and how to recycle the energy
  • Effects on ecosystems and local communities
  • Adhering to environmental legislation
  • Strategies for sustainable construction
  • Procurement and suppliers

Despite the task would be based on your respective area of work, you would be required to –

  • Handle ecology surveys, research, and make the most of environmental impact assessments for determining problems inclusive of noise pollution, air quality, energy performance, and carbon footprint
  • Undertaking compulsory assessments needed by law for residential and commercial properties
  • Gathering and analyzing data, filing reports for displaying your findings
  • Advising the clients to meet the regulations of environmental law
  • Keeping updated with the latest research and legislation through specialist publications, attending conferences, and following relevant social media groups
  • Managing projects involved in identifying prospective clients, managing budgets and resources, and preparing bid documents

They would also be required to recommend suitable technologies along with explaining the beneficial and cost-effective method to sustainability. It could entail resorting to secondary energy sources for reduced energy costs, reducing waste, reducing carbon emissions, and using water prudently.

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