Why Cut the Tree When You Can Move It? 

Tree relocation refers to the transportation of a tree to a new area. Trees are moved for landscaping reasons or development programs. Rather than getting a chainsaw and cutting down trees, the best way to remove the tree from your property and plant it in a new location.

Many countries around the world have adopted tree relocation systems. Individuals are now able to search the web for professional large tree transplanting Servicesthat will safely remove the tree from your yard.

Before You Transplant the Tree

People who wish to relocate trees to their gardens should strongly consider hiring a professional as transporting trees’ delicate process.

 An unprofessional will injure the tree shortening the life span of the tree. Professionals properly transport the tree to ensure it has a healthy long-life span. To prevent your time and money from being lost choose a reputable company.

After the Tree has Been Transplanted

When the tree is has been relocated to a new area the hard work is finished. The tree will need a few additional touches to maintain a healthy tree.

Water the Plant

After the transport is complete watering the plant is a crucial step to ensure the health and survival of the tree. There is no right or wrong amount of water to add to the plant. Use your discretion when it comes to watering your plant. Soil texture, temperature, wind, and the size of the tree are all factors to consider when watering your tree. Keep the roots moist but never soggy to keep the roots from rotting. If you live in a dry climate give the tree a deep watering every 12-14 days.

Mulch and Fertilizer

Add a 2 -3-inch layer of mulch around the circumference of the tree. Leave a 2-inch border between the mulch and the trunk of the tree. Mulch will help with moisture retention and keep the soil moisture at the perfect temperature to stimulate root growth.  

Avoid putting fertilizer on a newly relocated tree. Let the tree adapt to its new location, fertilizer triggers unnecessary growth. Wait at least one year before you fertilize the tree.

Stake the Tree

Staking is suggested for larger newly transported trees. Use at least 3 stakes and ensure the line or rope does not penetrate the bark of the tree. Push the stakes into firm ground and slide the line or rope through a portion of a garden hose to create padding between the line and the tree bark. The stakes can be removed after one year has elapsed.

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