Finding the Skilled Workers That Your Business Needs

Around the globe, there seems to be a shortage in quality workers. The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things, one of which was how workers are valued. Another is the government assistance that is now available, meaning that some make more comfortable living doing nothing than they ever did before as a worker.

For businesses, that means a shortage in skilled workers. No matter the industry, there is a shortage in skilled workers to be found. But what is the solution? What are businesses to do if they can’t find someone to fill the roles they need filled? That is where skilled temporary workers come into the equation.

Skills Visas

The solution, at least temporarily, is a 482 TSS temporary skills shortage visa. This type of visa is in reference to genuinely skilled laborers that can’t be sourced within Australia. Whenever possible, skilled positions should be filled by natural Australians but that is becoming more and more challenging these days.

This type of visa targets overseas workers in an effort to address any temporary shortages of skilled workers. There are more than a few different regulations worth looking into but it can be the short-term solution that can help a business avoid critical slowdowns.

Short- and Medium-Term

There are three streams overall that prove beneficial depending on the nomination. The first is the short-term stream. This is where a skilled worker is requiring sponsorship for a short period of time. The maximum is anywhere from two to four years, though the latter has special obligations that apply.

There is also the medium-term stream — this is if an employer wishes to sponsor an overseas skilled worker for periods of up to four years. That said, the occupations have to fall under the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL).

Finally, there is the labour agreement stream. This is available if an employer wishes to sponsor a worker who has entered into a labour agreement with that department. There are also certain eligibility requirements, length of stay terms, and more.

But if your business is finding itself short on skilled workers and can’t find relief in sight, these skills visas may be the answer. Be sure to look into the qualifications and requirements to see if you can find a skilled worker from overseas who will fit the need.

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