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There is a well-functioning office at the heart of the most successful large companies where the workforce is engaged, happy and productive. An efficient workplace floorplan divides the available space into separate areas, all with their own specific functions. By controlling both light and sound effectively, you can maximise output while creating an atmosphere that encourages creativity and maintains staff well-being. In today’s office environment, this means some sort of partitioning system; they exist in various materials in many different configurations to suit any design brief. Using this short piece, I’d like to highlight the qualities that make them so suitable for any office refurbishment project.

Some Good Initial Research

When looking at any product you’re unfamiliar with, a good starting point would be an internet search for any local suppliers. Using your favoured search engine, typing in ‘drywall partitions Gloucester’ or something similar should provide you with a list of local specialists. Take some time to look at their websites and products, making some notes as you go. You could also cross-reference the suppliers you are leaning towards using consumer websites such as Trustpilot to see how well they are rated. Let’s now look at the different types of modern partitioning systems.

The Different Partitioning Systems

Modern partitioning systems are very adaptable and will suit many different building types making them a staple in a lot of refurbishment design briefs; the main available types used are –

Glass partitions – are becoming very popular; they can transform any office space allowing the natural light to spread through the workspace. With single glazed and double-glazed options, it is possible to upgrade them with internal privacy blinds or other optional extras.

Drywall partitions – this easily installed system uses an aluminium framework, and plasterboard layered panels with excellent acoustic properties; it’s a popular lower-cost choice for many businesses.

Demountable partitions – this is a flexible, lightweight partitioning system that can be moved with a minimum of fuss. Allowing flexibility to the user, they are also tax-deductible in some cases.

Fire Rated Partitions – designed using materials with increased fire protection properties, they can be used to protect specific areas such as storerooms or fire evacuation routes.

Let’s Talk Benefits

Your staff will spend a considerable amount of their lifetime at work, so it is crucial that they feel happy and comfortable and can then maximise their full potential. An office refurbishment, when completed successfully, it can lead to the welcome benefits to your business –

  • Increased efficiency – changes to the floorplan by utilising a new partitioning system and investment in new, well-designed modern equipment such as furniture will improve staff functionality.
  • Productivity Improves – Improving the natural light through the use of glass partitions and increasing the green planting leads to improved staff happiness and well-being.
  • Entice New Business – As the visual face of your business, high-quality modern premises indicates a well-run, profitable company. Decoration, colour scheme and observable factors form the overall aesthetic look of your office and speak to visitors about how you run your company.

No matter what your reason for contemplating an office refurbishment, using a modern partitioning system can provide a welcome floorplan solution in your design brief. Find out more by contacting your local partitioning specialist today!

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