The Modern Business Women: Getting Creative with Candles

Candle making is an art form that has been around for centuries. The modern candle maker, however, doesn’t have to be confined by the materials she uses or the methods with which she crafts her candles. From soy wax and beeswax to cotton wicks and scented oils, there are a plethora of different ways you can get creative with your candles.

In this blog post we will explore some of these techniques taught in Candle Making Workshop Singapore as well as provide you with a list of supplies necessary to start crafting your own candles at home!

Materials: The most basic materials needed to make a candle are wax, wicks and a container. You can find all of these at your local craft store or dollar store. If you want to get really creative with what the outside of your candles looks like then hard candies, beads and other small trinkets often found in party favours will work great!

Wax: soy wax is one popular form of homemade candle material because it’s biodegradable and easy to use for beginners. Beeswax also makes an excellent choice when crafting handmade candles because natural beeswax doesn’t emit any toxic fumes during the curing process as opposed to many types of artificial oils which may need appropriate ventilation before lighting them up.

Wicks: Candle wicks come in a selection of materials, including cotton and metal. The type you use depends on the candles’ intended purpose – for example, to make floating or non-floating candles.

Basic instructions for using a candlewick is to slide it down into the top opening of your container from about an inch away then poke through any excess with either pliers or needle nose pliers. You can also dab some hot glue around the outside edge of your jar’s mouth before sliding them inside if desired!

The Modern Business Woman: Getting Creative with Candles – With so many options out there on where to buy candles, it’s tempting to stick with the candle retailer that has a store in your mall. However, if you’re looking for unique and creative options (plus saving money!), Candle Making is an option worth exploring!

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